LA Tech vs. San Jose

I slept in this morning and ate a little something for breakfast in my room. I didn’t leave until three. Bianca met me in front of Cottingham and we walked over to the stadium. Yesterday I agreed to accompany her to the tailgating festivities. She often takes pictures of the tailgaters for one of the LA Tech websites. Between three and five thirty we walked around a good bit, visited with several people and groups, including the engineering school’s tent. Over the course o the afternoon, we got food from the alumni tent, the engineering tent and the Lincoln parish hospital tent. We left at about 5:30 and went back to her apartment for a while. She reorganized some things in her room and I watched TV for a while. Sometime after seven I walked her over to a friend’s house for some sort of gathering. Her place was a little ways past the stadium. After parting company, I walked back to the stadium and caught the second half of the Louisiana Tech, San Jose game. The second half had just started when I walked in. I ended up sitting with Darren from my dormitory. Just after I found my seat, LA Tech scored a touchdown to break the 14-14 tie. Not long after that they scored again with a highlight film-worth play. After catching the ball on a passing play, an LA Tech receiver fumbled the ball as he was tackled. The ball was immediately picked up by another Tech player and ran to the end zone for a touchdown, bringing the score to 28-14. Later, LA Tech intercepted the ball and got a field goal out of it as the 4th quarter started. That would be the final score of the game for a final of 31-14. After the game, there was a good deal of jubilation from the students and players alike, leading me to believe that this may have been Tech’s last home game? Later this evening I recoded the desktop wallpaper and portfolio content pages on my website.

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