Dinner in Another Cafeteria

Like yesterday there was no sense of urgency in getting up this morning. I was in my room for the better part of the afternoon, with a few exceptions for food. I had the Raiders game on for a little while. Khadijah called he some time in the evening and asked me to join her for dinner off-campus because she lost her school ID. Sarah was with her when she picked me up on side of Cottingham. We stopped at Wal-Mart first. They needed some things and I went off and got some laundry detergent and a few more hangers. With the shopping out of the way we went to Ryan’s. I didn’t quite understand the logic of going to another cafeteria but the food was pretty good by comparison to the one I’ve been patronizing under duress. I poked around with my website a little this evening but didn’t make too much progress.

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