Tulane vs. Mississippi State

I was in no hurry getting up this morning as this was Saturday. I was in line at the cafeteria around 10:30 this morning. What looked like the whole Tulane football team and most of the coaching staff was already there. I went to Tolliver for while after breakfast as I really had nothing better to do. The campus looks a lot like a ghost town on the weekends as many students go home for the weekends. That and there is very little for anyone who remains to do. I took a little walk this afternoon as I needed some quarters to do laundry and the cashier at the cafeteria wouldn’t help. I ended at a Subway on the edge of campus and got something to eat, and quarters. I was in my dorm for the better part of the evening. It was a while before I was able to get at the lone washing machine in Cottingham. At seven this evening I watched Tulane’s football team play a ‘home’ game versus Mississippi State in Shreveport. Tulane played pretty decently considering and had their moments, but a couple critical mistakes and missed opportunities cost them the game. The final was 21-14, Mississippi. I spoke with Dad briefly after the game. He and Mom made it back home in New Orleans. There’s power in the house but no phones. I finally did get my laundry done this evening, just before midnight. If only I had hangers.

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