The Frame Up

I got up a bit later than I would have liked this morning, but I still had plenty of time to get ready and get to class this morning. I didn’t have time to buy my Economics book before class though. This morning’s Econ class dealt with supply and demand. I got some lunch after class, stir-fry and salad probably the healthiest meal I’ve had since I got here. I went back to my dorm after lunch. Sarah took me to a custom framing shop at noon so I could drop off Ami’s painting, which I’ve been meaning to have framed for over a year and a half. Sarah took my back home after. I was there long enough to do my sociology homework and get to my 2:00 class. This afternoon’s sociology class more-or-less dealt with the nature vs. nurture argument. Of course there’s be no Sociology if genes determined everything so there wasn’t much ‘nature’ talk. I spilled Dr. Pepper on my pants during class so I had to go back to my dorm after and change before my four o’clock. This evening’s history class was about the post-reconstruction economythe advent of big corporations and their opposition. I went to the cafeteria after class for dinner. I was joined by Bianca’s friend Josh and a couple other guys. I was there for a good while and then went to Tolliver. I ran into Lindsey when I walked in and spoke with her briefly. I sat in Tolliver for a couple hours and got up around nine. I was going to go home but ran into Khadijah and ended up sitting with her in the KLPI office for a while as she did some work. I made my way back to my dorm around 11 and watched a Deep Space Nine episode before bed.

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