Brush with Rita

This Saturday was the beginning of my second weekend at Tech. Things are especially dead here on weekends. The weather was rather unpleasant today as Hurricane Rita brushed Ruston today. It rained sideways on and off. There were wind gusts around 30 miles an hour. Even with an umbrella I got pretty wet when I went to eat around one. I spoke with Dad on the phone for a little while this evening. He introduced the possibility of meeting him in Baton Rouge next weekend for a Tulane football game. Speaking of which, Tulane beat SMU this evening, 31-10, although I did not see or hear the game. Late in the evening my roommate John and I went to Wal-Mart. I needed a couple things but I didn’t make a list so all I bought was paper towels and some snacks. I was up pretty late for no particular reason, although I did get a load of laundry done.

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