Working Wednesday

I actually went to work this Wednesday, which is usually a day off. There was a lot of housekeeping that needed doing at the mid city office in preparation for the upcoming move so I spend the day cleaning out the closets and doing other such things. There were a couple reports to do as well. Mom picked me up from the office this evening as Dad was out east late. I had mom drop me off to get a haircut today, as I’ve needed one. I walked across the parking lot after the haircut to a Chinese buffet for some dinner. In retrospect it was kind of stupid as I felt incredibly pathetic eating there by myself. The food was acceptable about as good as one can expect when dining out on the westbank. Stomach full and pocked almost $10 lighter, I walked around Sav-a-Center briefly. Dad called me during dinner to say he was on his way home and would pick me up. He met m in the store. We needed a few groceries, which he bought and we went home. Later in the evening, I watched The Machinist. While it was certainly an interesting movie with cinematic merits, dank and bland look of the film made it a chore to watch. Seeing Christian Bale as a pale and sickly skinny man was certainly shocking having seen him recently in Batman Begins, where he must have been 100 pounds heavier.

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