Phil and Paul

l went with Bianca to meet a photographer at PJ’s Coffee this afternoon. She wasn’t sure what time the meeting would be but she finally heard from the guy, Phil Casper, sometime time after three. They agreed to meet five. We were going to take the bus down Gen. Degaulle but my dad got home from the store just as I was leaving so Bianca and I got a ride. We were early so we wandered around Blockbuster for a few minutes. Phil arrived early himself at around 4:30. He and Bianca spoke about an upcoming photo shoot, among other things for over an hour. After Phil left, we stayed around for a while longer, just sitting and talking for a couple hours in front of the frozen yogurt place. We saw Ashley Murray, a high school classmate while we were there. She used to work at the place and stopped by as a customer. I last ran into her at the French Quarter Festival last year. Dad called me sometime before eight and said he was going to the Rock ‘n’ Bowl. I’d forgotten that I was planning to go with him and invited Bianca to join us and she accepted so Dad picked us both up where he dropped us off. Paul Varisco and The Milestones were having one of their reunion shows. Dad goes to all of these, usually twice a year. Like the last two times I’ve seen them, it was remarkably crowded and loud. The music was decent, the band has a great horn section. We arrived late but we caught the second and third sets. Bianca tried to get me to dance with little success and we bowled a few frames. We left to go home around half past ten and got home by 11. I was on the computer for a couple hours. Ami called me shortly before two and we talked for over an hour before I got to bed at three.

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