Hurricane Katrina: Aftermath

I got up before eight this morning and went down to the lobby for some breakfast. Beyond that, I didn’t leave the hotel room much today. We spend most of the day watching the news, both the cable networks and the internet video stream from WWL TV. I could detail what we saw and heard but I really don’t feel like it at the moment. It was all bad. The devastation is incomprehensible. It’s just amazing how much water there is. The west bank and our neighborhood seem to have fared pretty well however, according to shreds of news and two second-hand accounts posted online. I reached Andrew this morning, he is safe in Alabama. I was unable to reach Bianca today. I think she may have forgotten her cell phone charger. Dad said we will most likely leave to stay with some of Dad’s family either tomorrow or the next day. That being the case, I can’t say for sure if this will be my last posted entry for a little while.

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