Death of a Deli

Once again I’ve skipped a few days in the log. Suffice it to say, Grandma came over for dinner on Sunday, I worked Monday and Tuesday and not on Wednesday. Perhaps something interesting happened, but I don’t remember anymore. Anyway, Dad and I left the house sometime after ten. Dad needed copy paper and some other things for the office so we stopped at the Office Depot on St. Charles. I looked at some grown-up toys while Dad got what he needed. Not to long before we were ready to check out, the electricity in the store went out. That slowed things down in the check out lines more than somewhat. They have a crash kit for such things though and eventually we completed out purchase and left the store. Apparently, the fire department intentionally cut the power to a length of the street due to an incident at a restaurant about a block down the street. With copy paper in hand, we stopped at Loyola Law School to give Mom her cell phone. She left it at the house this morning. After that stop, we made our way to the office. As we approached the office, I had a look at the deli across the street to see if they were open today. They’ve had a sign on their door for a couple weeks now saying ‘renovations’ are in progress. To my shock and dismay, I saw some workers putting up a sign that read “Hong Kong City: Chinese Cuisine.” It’s pretty ugly signage too, black letters on an orange backdrop. I suppose I should have suspected something like this was happening. The Mid City Deli has been under new management for a few months and there was no necessity for renovation. The restaurant was a very neat looking place. It was by no means the least bit dirty or in need of refurbishment. I’ve been buying lunch there as long as I’ve worked at Dad’s clinic, which has been intermittent for the last three years. I don’t even want to think about how much money I’ve spent there. It’s not the cheapest place, but I found the food to all be quite good. Their po-boys rivaled Mandina’s according to a Zagat entry and I’d agree. Converting the place into another Chinese restaurant just doesn’t make any sense to me. New Orleans has no shortage of them. In fact, there just such a restaurant in the same strip mall as the deli, a rather good one I might add. Oh well, we’re supposed to be moving the mid city office soon so this will soon be water under the bridge for me anyway. I’m still gonna miss the Mid City Deli though good po-boys. We arrived at the office at quarter to noon. I was pretty busy today as doc had plenty of dictation to do on Wednesday. I got seven discharge reports done. There’s still a few left that I’ll work on tomorrow. Dad and I left to go home at about six. After dinner I went to put a new insurance card in my car, which hasn’t started in a few weeks. I tried starting it for grins as I’ve done every few days. It actually started tonight, a great relief. Dad and I thought it may be the starter but apparently it was just the battery, a great relief. With this newfound opportunity to move the car I put in the driveway and washed it, which it direly needed. I have to park it in the street under this little tree that deposits all sorts of nasty crap on the hood, dirt of a dozen varieties. Later in the evening I watched a show we recorded from a couple days back. It was a show on PBS featuring old television commercials from the New Orleans area. I found it rather fascinating. I’ve only lived here in the city for just under 10 years so of course I’d never seen most of them before. A lot of the older ones were entertaining for a variety of reasons. Even later in the evening I typed this.

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