The Phantom of the Opera

After being up late last night, it was nice to be in no hurry to get up this morning. I got up at ten, got myself ready and cooked some sausage for red beans tonight before leaving the house with Dad for 11:30. Before making it to work this afternoon, we went to Bravo’s Italian Kitchen for lunch on St. Charles, where the Coach’s call-in show with Tulane baseball coach Rick Jones was being broadcast at noon. He and the host discussed last night’s win and the upcoming super-regional tournament versus Rice. I had the lasagna for lunch. I thought I was just getting a half order but I received a rather intimidating dish instead. It was quite good and I managed to finish it with a little help. After we finished eating we stuck around for the end of the radio show. We finally arrived at work around 1:30 after a stop at the uptown post office. There was some dictation remaining from yesterday but it was no trouble. There was very little work for the rest of the day. Dad and I made our way out of the office around six. We stopped for French bread on the way home. Instead of having the red beans we cooked today for dinner, we ate the leftover black-eyed peas at Mom’s behest. Later in the evening I watched The Phantom of the Opera. I have an acute distaste for musicals on-screen as I find musical interludes just don’t work in movies like they do on stage. However, this particular musical is exceptionally lush and polished and was reasonably enjoyable.

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