Dad and I went out to see Tulane play Alabama for the regional championship this evening. The game was to start at 6:30 but we got their closer to one or two o’clock for the loser’s bracket game between ULL and Alabama. Again I wasn’t interested in sitting in the sun and stayed near the car. The sky looked rather threatening through most of the day but we figured there was a decent chance Tulane would play this evening. There were a couple folks I hung around for some of the afternoon who came for the Tulane game. While Dad was in the stadium watching the 2:30 game, I eventually went to Robert’s bar on Calhoun to watch the rest of the 1st game on TV. It started raining before seven and the game was in a rain delay. Dad joined me at the bar afterward. The game was still in a rain delay when we left shortly before nine to go to the Boot. As we arrived the announcement was made that the game would be postponed until tomorrow at 1 PM. This was disappointing in that Tulane would lose the advantage of an challenging an exhausted Alabama pitching staff, which played earlier today in the stifling heat. Since we were already at the Boot we stopped for a drink before heading home. Later in the evening I finished watching Shaft, which was surprisingly not entertaining, even dull up until the end.

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