New Orleans Regional NCAA Baseball Tournament

Dad and I went to see Tulane’s baseball team play this afternoon in the regional tournament they are hosting this weekend. They played Southern University at 2:30 this afternoon. It was exceptionally hot today. This was the 1st time this year I’d been out in the heat for any mentionable length of time. Tulane handled southern without too much trouble. Tulane scored five runs in the second and fifth inning, as well as six more in the eighth. Southern got a few runs in with more frequency, but couldn’t come close to matching Tulane’s three big innings. The final was 17-7. After the game, we went to the Boot for something to eat. On the way out someone gave us some grandstand tickets for this evening’s game, Alabama vs. ULL, the winner of which would decide Tulane’s opponent tomorrow. We went back to Turchin Stadium after eating, the 6:30 game was already underway when we arrived. It was considerably cooler with the sun setting. Alabama scored four runs in the 1st, the most action we saw while we were there. We left about halfway through the game as things looked decided. Alabama won 7-5. Later in the evening after getting home I watched the better part of Shaft, although I was too tired to finish.

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