Road Trip

With two days of clothing and a load of needless crap in tow, my parents, Andrew and me drove up to Natchitoches for Jeff’s high school graduation tomorrow. The ride up was uneventful and mildly unpleasant as most car trips are. About 45 minutes in Dad remembered he forgot his belt so we stopped at the Tanger Outlet Center in Gonzales briefly so he could buy one. That and a couple of gas stations were out only stops. After making our way in town we stopped to drop off some clothes and empty boxes to Jeff for his stuff at his dorm before going to check into the hotel. There was some sort of recognition ceremony for Jeff’s graduating class that my parents and Andrew went to this evening for 7:30. I elected to stay at the hotel and maybe go get something to eat or even see a movie. Unfortunately there is no sort of public transit or taxi service in Natchitoches. That turned out not to matter anyway as I left my wallet in the car so I couldn’t even have a pizza delivered. There was nothing on TV by the hotel had wireless Internet so I was able to amuse myself, although I was pretty upset about leaving my wallet. Andrew and my parents returned sometime before nine. We had dinner at a nearby restaurant before coming back to the hotel. Later in the evening I watched part of a movie on my laptop and later stepped out of the room and sat by the pool while speaking with Khadijah and Bianca on the phone for a while before going to bed around one.

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