Day Off

I had the day off from work today, my first full weekday at home in quite a while. 24 hours of free time gave me the ability to do nothing essentially. I started the day planning to clean up the kitchen nicely, empty my clothes hamper and clean my room. None of that really ‘materialized.’ After making myself a tasty omelet, I spend most of the afternoon playing Half-Life 2, which I finished today pretty awesome game. I promised myself I’d wait until I had a capable video card to fully enjoy the game but my self-discipline has been directed elsewhere lately. The ducting mod and replacement fan I ordered for my CPU cooler came in the mail today and I spend some time installing that and dusting the inside of my PC case. Shortly after Mom and Andrew got home, I decided to shoot the other roll of 120 film I bought for my Mamiyaflex as it seems increasingly unlikely I’ll be able to shoot pictures of who I really want to. I drove around the neighborhood and shot some pictures of houses. Hopefully this roll will be technically correct and I can move on to improving my technique with this 50 year-old tool. We had leftover red beans for dinner. Later in the evening I watched Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House. It was mildly entertaining although somewhat redundant after having seen The Money Pit more than once. Incidentally, I learned that this ’48 classic is being remade and will star Ice Cube, which seems redundant and pathetic. I also talked to Khadijah on the phone for a little while before bed.

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