I got to work for 9:30 this morning. There wasn’t much in the line of ‘work’ to do except for a little filing and a couple of reports left over from Friday. By 3:30 I was pretty bored and left the office to go downtown. I made my way to the Sheraton after depositing the paycheck I’d been holding onto for well over a week. Bianca met me there around five for dinner and a movie. We went to Huey’s Diner, a little place I’d been to once before and intended to visit again. Between lunch a few hours earlier and the snack mix at the Pelican Bar, I wasn’t very hungry so I ordered their small lasagna dish. Bianca had a hamburger. After dinner we walked to Canal Place and wandered around for a while until seating started for the 7:10 movie this evening. We spent some time in a little watch shop while Bianca and I talked to the lonely clerk running the store. We took our seats in the theater around seven. We saw Crash this evening. I was under the impression this was a movie about a car accident, but in fact it was a bold and compelling look at racism in modern society. It’s a remarkably well-made and thought provoking film. After the movie we walked to Jackson Square to a nearby Haagen-Dazs, a little ice cream place that eluded us the last time I was out with Bianca. They were out of bananas so I just had a milk shake. After that we walked to Virgin Records as I felt compelled to buy a CD this evening. I ended up getting Astral Projects latest release, The Legend of Cowboy Bill. I recognized the cashier from my recent film class. We caught a cab home. The driver had no charge slips so I just paid cash. I didn’t do much after I got home this evening. I went to bed around midnight.

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