Another Crash

I took the bus downtown this afternoon to meet Khadijah for the evening. She was in town for a few days so we agreed to see each other some evening. I left the house around one and took the bus to the library where she wished to meet me. She was coming from a friend’s house in Kenner. I sat in the library for about 45 minutes after depositing my check, reading a couple magazines. While I continued to wait, I decided to walk up the street a bit and say hi to Ann at the bookstore. I visited with her for a few minutes before returning to the library. I took a seat again with a book, Khadijah arrived a short time later. We walked down Canal St. to the Sheraton for a couple drinks and talked for a while. We talked to Roxie on the phone a couple times while there and we agreed to meet her on the other side of the river to go to a movie with her in a couple hours. We left the hotel sometime after four and walked through Canal Place briefly until it was time to take the ferry to meet Roxie for 5:30. By this time our plans had changed to riding with Roxie to meeting a mutual friend of hers and Kali’s at the mall. While on the boat, I realized I left my wallet in the Sheraton. Khadijah stayed on the westbank side to meet Roxie and explain the situation while I went back across to retrieve my wallet. I called the Pelican Bar while on the boat and they said they found a wallet. I was quite grateful to have not lost it but pretty mad at myself for misplacing it… again. This particular act of stupidity set us back about a half hour. We drove to Oakwood and arrived at about 6:30. Kevin was at the little arcade in the food court. He had to be at work for seven so they didn’t visit for too long. The arcade had San Francisco Rush 2049, my all-time favorite arcade game, so I played that for a little bit. Roxie was unable to join Khadijah and I for the movie this evening. Since Kali had to get back to Kenner this evening, we opted to have dinner in the Quarter and see something at Canal Place. Roxie dropped us back at the ferry landing and we went back to the eastbank. We ate at Hard Rock Caf� since it was close by and neither of us had been there in a while. The waiter was very nice, in that he spoke to us a good bit. He explained that they recently renovated the restaurant with all new memorabilia lining the walls. I just got a hamburger and Khadijah got this mac-and-cheese dish with chicken that was pretty good. As soon as we walked out of the restaurant, Khadijah said she wasn’t feeling well and needed to sit down for a bit. We stopped in Tower Records for a little bit. I had a look at the jazz records while there but I didn’t buy anything. After a short while Khadijah felt better and we walked the rest of the way to Canal Place. We got there at about seven, half an hour before the movie started. We saw Crash. This was my second time seeing the movie. Khadijah would have preferred something a little fluffier but there was nothing else of interest playing and I kinda wanted to see this one again anyway. After the movie, Kali caught a cab back to her friend’s house in Kenner. I walked back towards Canal St. to find my own cab. When I reached Canal I decided to have a look around inside Harrah’s just ’cause I can now. I walked around there for a little while, observing the variety of patrons while my sinuses started hurting due to the smoke permeating the air. With my curiosity satisfied, I walked out and caught a cab home.

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