Today marks my 21st birthday, sort of a big deal I suppose. Unfortunately, my birthday was yet again tainted with disheartening circumstances the same circumstances as last year actually, when Jessica broke up with me on my 20th birthday. Even so, I was in comparatively good spirits considering. I stayed home from work today as there wasn’t much to do. I did spend an hour trying some reports from dictation I brought home yesterday. There were only three but it took a little while because I was watching The Hustler on TV at the same time. I spend the remainder of the afternoon playing video games and talking to Khadijah intermittently on the phone. Later in the evening, my parents took me to the Palace Cafe for dinner. There was a 20 minute wait when we arrived so we sat at the bar. Our table was at the windows on the second floor. I had the rib eye steak and mom and dad both got fish. We had white chocolate bread pudding for dessert. I was too full to finish it although I must say this restaurant is one of very few that gets the portions right on. We took mom home before Dad and I went back out to see Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith after stopping at the Boot for a drink. The Elmwood Palace showed the movie on something like 12 screens at 12:01 in the evening. In short, it was very entertaining, although there were a few cringe moments. While the action was great, I doubt Lucas could write a meaningful greeting card. The ‘tender moments’ were painful. We drove home after the movie and arrived sometime after three.

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