Sharper Performance

I worked on getting my laptop back up to spec after getting up this morning. Dad, Andrew and I went to the baseball game this afternoon. Tulane played Houston again. This game was considerably more enjoyable to watch. Scoring was a little more liberally scattered this afternoon. It was 2-1 Tulane after the 1st. The score was tied at three after the 4th. Tulane took the lead with a run in the 7th. Houston answered with a run in the top of the ninth with two outs to tie the score at four after Tulane almost had the game won. Tulane responded in kind, however. Brad Emaus, the first at-bat in the bottom of the ninth, hit a home run out of right field to win the game 5-4. We went home after the game. We had dinner not too long after arriving. Mom made lemon chicken. Later in the evening I worked on my laptop some more and watched Gaslight.

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