Margaret Kattengell Dead at 56

There was little trace of the thunderstorm from the night before. The streets were dry and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. Dad had to go to the west bank office this morning so I had to find my own way to this afternoon’s class. I took the bus and arrived at the mall not too long after 11. I got a milkshake and eventually made my way to class. We had a test in Marketing today, which I completed with little circumstance. I got out of class at 12:30. A choir from San Jose, CA was performing in the mall. I walked to Tulane Ave. and caught a bus to ‘work’ with little wait and arrived just after one. I didn’t really have anything to do. I didn’t have my laptop with me as it hasn’t worked properly since I installed McAfee, so I read some magazines. Dad picked me up to go to this evening’s class just before five. Randy lectured briefly before showing This is Spinal Tap. I left class early to just catch a shuttle uptown. I didn’t remember the times correctly, however, so I missed the shuttle by 10 minutes. I sat in a hotel lobby and read a magazine while I waited for the next one. I got on the 8:30 and got dropped off in front of Rosen House. I walked to Turchin for this evening’s Tulane baseball game against Nicholls State. I arrived around the 5th inning. Tulane had a healthy 4-0 lead. The field lights went out before the 7th inning, darkening the stadium for about 15 minutes, providing a little excitement. Tulane scored 4 runs in the sixth and three in the seventh bringing the score to 11-1, invoking the ten-run rule and ending the game. Dad and I stopped at the post office before making our way home. Shortly after I got home this evening, Mom pointed out the death notice of Margaret Kattengell in the newspaper. She was my American History teacher through my junior year of high school. It was shocking news since she was only 56. Although I didn’t enjoy all of her classes, she was a pretty cool lady. Later in the evening I talked to Khadijah on the phone for a while before going to bed.

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