Better Weather

This morning left no evidence of yesterday’s stormy weather. It was beautiful outside this morning, cool, sunny and partly cloudy. I took the bus to class this morning since Dad had to go to the westbank today. Today’s marketing class had something to do with personal selling. Ms. Snell went over the upcoming exam before class ended. I took a bus up Tulane Ave. to work after class. There was quite literally nothing to do at work so I didn’t stay very long. I left the office around four to go to Melanie’s house to visit for the evening. Not long after I arrived, we watched The 39 Steps, one of Hitchcock’s earlier films. It’s largely thought of as a great movie but I thought it was merely satisfactory. We started watching Independance Day as Melanie’s mom finished cooking chicken stir-fry for dinner. Later in the evening, we watched The Importance of Being Earnest. I left to go home around 2:30.

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