The Merchant of Venice

Dad and I went to the office for 11 this morning. I had some various activities to do but I was hardly busy. The office was busy though, a good number of patients made their way through. I had a date at 6:30 but I was pretty bored by five so I had dad take me down Carrollton to a camera shop that was nearby where Melanie and I were having dinner. Unfortunately there wasn’t a whole lot to look at in the camera shop so I didn’t stay long. I still had over an hour before I was to meet Melanie so I stopped in a couple of the other nearby stores Ace Hardware, the Sprint Store, Blockbuster. I still had lots of time though so I went to an ice cream shop a couple doors down from Venezia where I was to have dinner. I got a cup of ice cream and sat down with a copy of the Gambit for a little while. I moved to a table at Venezia shortly after six. Melanie showed up on time at 6:30. I had the stuffed shells, a small but quite adequate dish. After dinner we took a streetcar towards the river to Canal Place. We went to see the 10 o’clock showing of The Merchant of Venice. We got downtown before eight though so we sat in the Wyndam lobby and talked for a while until the movie started. The movie was quite good. I’m hardly a Shakespeare fan but his play was beautifully rendered on the silver screen. Al Pachino gave an excellent performance. After the movie Melanie and I went back to the lobby for an hour or so to sit around before going home. Shortly after one, we got a cab home. I rode home with Melanie to her house and then went home myself.

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