Another Million Dollar Baby

This afternoon’s marketing class was under a half hour. Ms. Snell discussed product development. Dad picked me up after class to take me to work. I was there until about 3:30. I don’t remember what I did while he was there. He took me downtown before heading to the east office himself. I was to have dinner with Melanie and then meet Bianca so we could all go to a movie afterwards. I decided to pass the time at the Pelican Bar in the Sheraton. I read some of the newspaper while I waited. Melanie called me 10 minutes before she was supposed to meet me to say she forgot about dinner this evening, which was more than somewhat irritating and kinda destroyed the good mood I was in. She wasn’t sure when she’d be able to show up. I decided to walk around Canal Place while I waited for Bianca to show up for the movie at seven. I stopped by the theater to say hi to Christy, who works there during the day. Melanie and Bianca showed up at the same time around six. We sat around for a while before taking our seats at the movies after half past. We saw Million Dollar Baby again, although it was Bianca’s first viewing. We decided to try and get some ice cream after the movie. We went to the TCBY on Decatur but they were ‘closed.’ We ended up at Caf Du Monde and got some beignets. We all got cabs home afterwards. I went to bed a little while after getting home.

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