New Year's Day

Nobody was in a hurry to get up today. I got out of bed around 11 I think. Khadijah was in town today before she returned to Ruston tomorrow. Grandma came by the afternoon for a late lunch and to return Andrew. Dad made cabbage rolls and black eyed peas, some sort of tradition. We ate around three o'clock. A short while afterward, Andrey picked me up to go to his house with Khadijah. He had mentioned wanting us to play DDR, which we did. This was y first experience with the game, and it might as well have been my first experience with dancing of any kind. Andrey and his little brother played a few rounds. They both are pretty adept with the game. Khadijah and I played a number of tracks as well with considerably less skill. Even so, it was pretty fun and good exercise. After a few hours of this, Kali and I playing with our laptops and Khadijah snapping a bunch of pictures, we eventually managed to make a decision and left the house to go get some dinner. We would have gone to see a movie afterwards but Andrey really couldn’t be gone that long. We went to Bennigan’s for dinner, which is decent and close by. I had a combo plate of sorts with buffalo winds and something else with a name that escapes me at the moment. We were there for a good while, we left around 10:30. Khadijah and Andrey needed to have a private little chat and did while I sat in the car. It got rather irritating after over 15 minutes. Since Andrey kinda had to get home, Khadijah and I elected to watch a movie at the house she was staying in. I stopped by my house for a second to pick up Ikiru. We started watching it a little while after we got back to Ms. Belinda’s place. Khadijah clearly had something on her mind so I paused the movie to ask. We talked for a few hours about a handful of subjects. I restarted the movie around 3 AM. Realizing it would be quite late before we’d finish it, I decided it would be best not to try. We were both tired anyway so I called a cab home. I went to bed shortly after getting home.

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