LPO Goes to the Movies

I wasn’t in any hurry to get up this morning. I didn’t have much to do when I did. I cleaned my room a bit during the afternoon. This evening, Melanie and I went to see the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra perform. Dad dropped me off downtown a little after seven. My family went out to eat after dropping me off. I went to an ATM before waiting outside the Orpheum, but I never did need the cash. Tonight’s concert, “LPO Goes to the Movies,” featured the music of several films over the years. There were selections from Silverado, Star Wars, Chicago and Indiana Jones among others. Melanie arrived around 7:30 and we took our seats in the second row of the first balcony. The performance was most entertaining. It was pretty cool hearing a live performance of the Imperial March by a full orchestra. There was a quiz included in the program. Carl Topilow, the guest conductor, asked questions throughout the concert concerning the movies whose music was being performed. Melanie did remarkably well, although not perfect as a couple people among the audience. The show ended with the Cantina Band music from Star Wars. That was pretty fun to see and listen to a reasonably serious organization playing such a fun song. It was bitter cold outside as we left the theater around 10:30. We had decided to get something to eat after the show and McDonalds was very close by so we went there. I had my usual and Melanie got some chicken strips. After we were there for about a half hour, dad called and offered us a ride home. We stayed at McDonalds a little while longer until he arrived to take us both home. After we took Melanie home we went home ourselves, I went to bed not long after.

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