Haircut – Decision on Laptop Wireless connection

I didn’t go to work again today, but I did get out the house for a short while to get a haircut. I left with dad this morning. He was willing to wait so I wouldn’t have to take the bus home. The haircut didn’t take long. Immediately after that I went next door to the grocery store to pick up some things for tonight’s dinner. Groceries in hand, Dad took me back home and then went to work. The MiniPCI socket I ordered came today so I could pursue having an internal WiFi card installed in my laptop. I had long decided not to try and solder it in myself and hire someone to do it. I called McCann Electronics again to inquire about the repair, but they said they would not take the risk in trying to install it. Another establishment was willing to try but they do not have the proper equipment. I decided to put this little project on hold until I can find someone earnestly capable of doing the work. In the mean time, I purchased a little 3Com PCMCIA card that has a retractable antenna on eBay that I think I can live with. Later in the evening I played Half Life 2 and finished watching Madadayo, Akira Kurosawa’a final film.

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