Tulane vs. Louisville

I went to class for the last time on Saturday morning today. We took the 'final exam,' the second of I believe three tests. It was not particularly difficuly and I was finished at quarter to ten. Knowing it would not take long, Dad was willing to wait and give me a ride home. After being home for a few hours, Dad, Andrew and I went to see Tulane's last home game against Louisville. We weren't expectiing a win or even a good game against the #7 team in the country. We were not surprised either, with a final score of 55-7. Thanksfuly enough, we left early as my parent's had a Chirstmas party to attend. On the way home I was dropped off at Eisenhower so I could go vote. I was under the impression that I would be voting in the congressional election, but all that was on the ballot was a civil court position. Incidentally, the democrat candidate Charlie Melancon won by 517 votes. Andrew and I spent the evening at home. We had a pizza delivered and both played Halo 2 online for a while and later watched Big Fish. It was certainly an interesting and amusing movie to watch. I was on the computer later in the evening but I got to bed at a decent hour.

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