The End of the Beginning

Today marked the end of my first semester in college. But before I could get to that, Dad and I had a little chore this morning. I had to get up early again so we could bring Doc to the federal court building on Poydras St. It was a bit of a hassle getting the 600 pound man up to the fifth floor but it wasn’t so bad. Having dropped him off I got my stuff and left to walk to the New Orleans Center for my final exam in English class. On my Dad’s suggestion, I stopped to get some new shoes before class since I had over an hour to spare. I stopped in a Foot Locker on Canal St. and got some black K-Swiss shoes, much like the worn out pair I had before. With new shoes on my feet I walked to the mall. I got to school about a half hour before class started, giving me some time to waste on eBay. When class started, Professor Greene gave us an Op-Ed by Bill O’Reilly to write a reader response to. It took me a bit over an hour to type an essay in the Mac lab. Having finished that, I met Ann for lunch at 1:45, a bit late. I got some pizza and breadsticks. After lunch I caught the shuttle uptown and wen to the lab in Gibson Hall. After about an hour listening to Limbaugh and browsing around I started writing a story for a late journalism assignment. I thought the story I wrote was pretty weak but I suppose it’s better than an F. I walked to Norman Mayer after printing it out. The exam started promptly after class convened. There were a few questions I was uncertain on but overall I was pleased. We finished by about 6:30. Melanie and I walked to the library where I was to meet my dad. Melanie needed a ride so I offered on Dad’s behalf. We sat infront of the library for about a half hour until Dad arrived and got us all home. On the way we stopped at KFC to get some dinner for ourselves as nothing was prepared at the house. Later in the evening I watched The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, a most enjoyable western. Before going to bed I spoke with Kali on the phone for almost two hours.

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