More Last Classes

Today featured the last classes in English and journalism. We had a lengthy discussion about something in English class today but I no longer remember what it was. After class I had lunch with Ann; I got a grilled ham sandwich. After eating I walked with Ann back to the bookstore. They finally got POS cash registers there so they can scan barcodes. I didn't think they'd ever bother. After taking the shuttle uptown I went to the computer lab in Richardson to wait for my next class. I left a bit early so I could walk to the ATM. I left without my wallet however. Most fortunately, someone had turned it in to the help desk and I got it back. I then started the five minute walk to the ATM. When I got there it said it was “temporarily out of service,” so no money and a few calories down. This of course was the last journalism class tonight. Professor Marinello discussed the movie we watched in class a couple weeks back, “All The President's Men”. I thought he went a little long on that segment of the lecture. He then went over some of the student's last assignments, including mine. He had reasonable praise for my well written and horrendously boring piece about the neighborhood meeting a few weeks back. He then outlined what would be on our exam next week. I'm not really concerned about this test. After filling out our evaluation forms class was over. I waited with Melanie, who was feeling ill, for her ride to arrive. After that I walked to the library to meet Dad and went home. We had the last of the Thanksgiving leftovers for dinner. Later in the evening I watched House of Sand and Fog. It's one of the more depressing films i've seen. The cinematography is stellar and of course Ben Kingsley's performance was great.

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