Lots of Work

Dad and I left the house for work at about 11:30… A bit late. We stopped first at the mid city office to pick some things up and empty the trash and such. After that we drove to the east office where we remained until about half past six. There was a substantial amount of dictation to do. Doc brought something to eat from Rally's around 3 o'clock so that was lunch. I got some of it done but not nearly all. We were at the office until about 6:30. We went from the east back to mid city for a minute to drop some things off. We then made our way to the west bank office to pick up a package, but it turned out that the package wasn't for us, so we went home. Jeff made pork chop casserole for dinner, which was pretty good… it's my favorite dish. Mom finished taking down the Christmas tree today. Later in the evening I talked to Ami on the phone for three hours and then I talked to Bianca for a while before going to bed.

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