Laptop Arrives – Evening at the Riverwalk With Bianca

I woke up a little before 10 this morning when Mom woke me up to tell me a package arrived. It was the laptop I won on ebay last week. It's a Sony Vaio R505GL, a rather nice laptop in my opinion; the model is a couple years old. I was quite pleased with the immaculate condition it arrived in. I took it with me when I went to work this morning. There was some dictation to do but I spent most of my time playing with my new toy. We left the office around three I believe. I continued to fool with it when I got home. This evening, I went with Bianca to the Riverwalk, she had a little bit of Christmas shopping to do. We got lucky on the transportation front as Dad had to drive to Houma to pick up a gift, so he dropped me and Bianca off on his way there. After walking in, Bianca and I decided to eat first. We both settled on Chinese, but we had to wait a few minutes for the sweet and sour pork. After eating, we walked through the mall, making several aimless stops. Bianca wanted a whittling knife but the only knife dealer had none. We stopped to look at cars and model cars. Bianca more-or-less dared herself to try on a dress a boutique store. She didn’t have the best of luck although the red one seemed fine to me. After stopping in the Sharper Image, we eventually found ourselves outside in the bitter cold and walked to the Canal Place mall, a stone’s throw from the Riverwalk. Again we wandered around for a while and didn’t but anything. We sat in the Wyndam’s 11th floor lobby for a short while and then decided to get something else to eat. We ended up walking to Popeye’s up Canal St. We each got a biscuit and some fries. Having eaten again we walked further up Canal St. and ended up in Walgreen’s for no particular reason. Having perused all their aisles, we walked back down canal and stepped into the Pelican Bar in the Sheraton Hotel. Bianca made herself comfortable on a sofa and I sat in an adjacent chair where we remained for a good while. We discussed long bows, bow staffs, arrows and other such things. We must have been there for well over an hour. Dad arrived back in town around 10 I believe and met up at the hotel to take up home. After getting home I played with my new laptop for a little while longer before going to bed.

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