Tulane vs. Navy

There was a test in media arts class this morning, it was rather easy and I finished in about 20 minutes. Having known there was just a short test in class today, Dad was willing to wait so I had a ride home. On the way home I stopped to get a hircut. That went rather quickly as well, dad went to get gas and the drycleaning and I was done before he got back. After getting home I didn't do much of anything. Later in the day, Dad, Andrew and I went to the Superdome to see Tulane play Navy. We wern't expecting much of a performance as Tulane lost bad to Huston last week and Navy came very close to beating Notre Dame recently. In spite of that Tulane did just fine. While neither team looked to have much of a performance, Tulane came out on top with a final of 42-10. Later in the evening I watched “Frida” and went to bed.

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