Tulane and West Jefferson

This morning’s class discussed some laws surrounding the media. Mr. Rhode had not yet finished grading our tests, although I have complete confidence in my performance on that test. I went straight home from class, although I had a rather long wait for a bus back to the west bank. Shortly after getting home, I continued watching Seven Samurai, which I had started last night. It’s 3 hours long so I’ve taken it in steps. Later in the day Dad, Andrew and I left to go to the Tulane game vs. Army. Actually, we dropped Andrew off at my grandma’s in Metairie to stay the night and assist with the renovations they’re doing at the house, including new flooring. Having left there Dad and I made our way to the Superdome for the 6:30 kickoff. Tulane didn’t have too much trouble with Army, defeating them 45-31. We left the game early so dad could see West Jeff. play Baton Rough-Catholic in the state playoffs. We arrived near the end of the 1st quarter. West Jeff. won handily with a final of 41-21. After the game we stopped in Best Buy for a short while. Dad needed an IDE cable for the computer. I got to handle the Canon 20D for the first time… very nice camera.

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