Before heading to the mall for class, I stopped at the post office to mail Mylena’s yearbook. I had to change the box but otherwise it was no hassle. The real trouble will be in making it to it’s destination after it arrives in Costa Rica. English class was ok, if uninteresting. I had lunch with Ann afterwards and stopped in the store for a minute after we ate. After taking the shuttle uptown I stopped into the financial aid office to acquire about my TOPS award. I was told that I would have to steak with the state because I did not claim the money immediately. After that I spend a couple hours in the computer lab. I listened to Rush, browsed ebay and caught up on some log entries among other things. Journalism class was shorter than usual. The professor lectured for a short while, we discussed some examples of the previous assignment. Lastly Mr. Marinello went over our last assignment. After class I spoke briefly with Melanie, a classmate, before going to meet my dad and heading home.

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