Lunch and Classes

English class was rather dull and incoherent as usual this morning. After class I had some time to pass before taking the shuttle so I wandered the mall and Canal Street for a bit. I sat in the Astor Hotel lobby for a short while to read the paper. I caught the 2:15 shuttle and went to meet Melanie, a classmate in Journalism, for lunch at Bud’s Broiler near the campus. After eating at talking for a while we still had a good while before class started so we walked to Audubon Park to sit around for a while. After talking some more about nothing of circumstance, we went to class. We had a test today, which I think I did well enough on. After the test, the professor talked for a while about our current assignment. Class was dismissed comparatively early. I spoke with Melanie shortly and tried some long exposures of Gibson Hall before heading to the library to meet Dad and go home.

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