A Funeral and Some Errands

I attended my great Aunt Dot's wake and funeral this morning. I was not acquainted with her but I guess my mom wanted the company. I understand she was sick for years with Parkinson's before her death. I was introduced to several distant relatives I had not yet seen before. After a service at a nearby church we followed the procession to West lawn cemetery. After some words and chatting with those distant relatives mom, grandma and I went to get some lunch at O'Henry's. On the way home mom and I discussed the possibility of getting my driver's license today. After getting home we changed and headed to the DMV office in Harvey after having stopped by the one at the bridge. They did no testing there. I spoke with someone at the office who told me I needed my driving school certificate to take the tests. We then went to Delgado to get it. I took a 36 hour course there back in June but neglected to pay for it, which was probably why I didn't receive it. After paying the bill I got my learner's permit. Unfortunately it was too late to go back to the DMV so we headed across the river to pick up my brother from school before going home. On the way we passed a Supercuts. I'd been complaining of the need to get a haircut and mom was willing to stop. There was no wait and it didn't take long. We then arrived at Andrew's school at picked him up. I don't remember anything of circumstance from this evening.

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