The Manchurian candidate

I got up early in the morning to be ready to take the bus to my Saturday morning class, “Intro. to Media Arts.” I guess Khadijah didn't feel like being home as she accomanied me to school. We didn't leave as early as we should have but got really licky in catching the Freret bus so I was only 15 minutes late to class. It was entertaining as the first session was. Khadijah injoyed it, no doubt because of the amusing discourse and the complete absense of obligation. After class we took the bus back to Canal Street. before heading home we stopped at McDonald's for lunch. As it turnes out Khadijah is also a fan of their #4, double quarter-pounder with cheese. I was simply amazed. After lunch we took the bus home and arrived about 2:00. Dad grilled some hamburgers and sausages for dinner. Later in the evening Andrey, Khadijah, and myself went to see a movie. With minimal convincing we saw “The Manchurian Candidate.” I was a bit surprised it was still playing. Walking out of the theater I wasn't sure what to think about the movie. It was reasonably compelling but weird and darker than I would have expected.

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