Kali's First Day in Town

Khadijah arived this afternoon. She is to stay at our house for a few days until she leaves for school. Later in the day we decided to go out for the evening. Andre picked us up and we went to a nearby coffee house for a while to hang out and play cards. After a while Andre had to part company as he needed to be home. Me and Khadijah didn't feel like going home yet, especially me, so we decided to see a movie. Before that we stopped by a cell phone dealer so she could inquire about replacing her long lost cell phone. Several words and a few brocures later we went over the river to Canal Place. When we got there we decided to see “Garden State,” which had just started. It was a decent movie, althuogh it did seem a bit too short. After the movie I called home to let the folks know I was on the way and inquire about a concern I had had all night. The internet was down at home all day and I thought it way have been shut off by Cox again. I wasn't sure what had happened and I was still unsure as Dad would not elaborate during the call. After that we took the bus home. After getting home me and Khadijah talked for a while and went to bed. I let her stay in my room during her stay and I took the sofa sleeper in the living room.

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