Class… and That's About It

I was dropped off at the New Orleans Centre this morning before class. I had some time as usual and got some breakfast and browsed EB Games for a while. I suspect this will become quite a pattern in the coming Wednesdays. English class was ok, another new face and a couple people missing. I didn't have my assignment with me, but it didn't seem to be a big deal. After class I stopped at McDonalds for lunch, got the usual. I had plenty of time before the shuttle so I stopped by the bookstore to get a pen and say hi t some former co-workers. Ann wasn't there but I ran into her right after I left. After the shuttle arrived uptown I stpped at the bookstore to get my English textbook which I know I won't be using much. $35 used. After that I meddled around a computer lab for a while before class. Journalism class was ok. We moved classrooms because the AC was broken in our usual room. The chairs really sucked in the one we went into. Among other things, we had our little dissection of an article in the paper.

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