Up Late and Early

It was wet again today, with sporadic rain throughout. It was pretty quiet around the house. Jeff was no bother. I tried fixing a couple of computers in the house without success. I've been fooling with Don's computer and my parent's PC stopped working this afternoon. It just won't boot. I made some pasta jambalaya for dinner. Later in the evening I packed up my DVD player and went over to Khadijah's place to watch a movie with her and Toni. Toni was a bit late in arriving. Khadijah showed us some of her work over the past year with photography and art classes. Later they decided we needed to go to the store to get snacks. We ended up at Wal-Mart and bought orange juice, cheddar cheese, and Ritz crackers. It all seemed rather ludicrous to me. On the way home Toni's parents ordered her home because of the weather so she dropped us off and left. After fooling around with the cheese and the drinks for a bit we started watching “Catch Me If You Can.” I had seen it before but it's a decent movie and Khadijah liked it. We talked for a little while after the movie and then we watched the HBO Special, “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” on which the TV show was based. We talked a while longer after that. At around 5 AM, my dad pulled up at the house, apparently concerned. It's pretty odd for me to be out at that hour and he woke up and saw I wasn't home. I left with him and went to be a short while after getting home.

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