The Mall. Stop. The Movies.

I went to the mall this afternoon to pay Jessica a visit. It was a few hours earlier than I was expecting. I hadn’t seen her in about six weeks. She came with a friend who I hadn't met. We just walked around for a while, stopping in various stores as mall patrons do. While I was there I bought a book on general world history, a crossover cable for my XBox, a small maglite, and some Goo Gone… nothing I really needed. She had to leave around half past five and I made my way home afterwards. As soon as I returned I found that Khadijah, Toni, and Andrey were going to the movies and asked me to join them so I did. We ended up seeing the 10:25 showing of “Van Helsing” after hanging around Toni's house for a while. It was one of the more disappointing movies I’ve ever seen at the theater. I didn't find it to be terribly coherent, the special effects were pretty unremarkable and there were parts so cheesy it was painful to watch. It did pick up a bit near the end. It's hard to blame the decision to see this particular movie since everything playing seems to be crap.

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