Log Neglect

Once again, I've neglected to post here for a spell. The past week or so hasn't been terribly eventful anyway. I didn't go to work at all last week. It was mostly just hanging around the house, and talking to Jessica on select mornings. Over last week I watched HIghlander, Amistad, Ghost World, along with several Futurama episodes…a new interest of mine. Saturday was devoid of activity. O Sunday myself and some family went to the park for a Mother's Day cookout sort of thing. I was at home again on monday. Yesterday I went to work early and left around noon. On the way home I ran into Ann and Catasha from the bookstore, so I stopped to talk with them for a little while. IN the evening I was on the computer and saw the new multiplayer footage for Halo 2 from E3. I bought an Xbox shortly thereafter. I was at home today, made some Spaghetti for dinner. We just had a pretty severe storm front pass through, but it moved quickly. “Enterprise” had a pretty compelling episode this evening.

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