Dinner and Pictures

My Xbox came in the mail today. I spent the afternoon trying it out and setting it up in my room. At around five I met Khadijah and we went to the French Quarter for dinner. She had me bring my camera so I could try my hand at shooting black and white film. After getting off the bus we walked down Canal St. We stopped in a few of the camera stores and bought some film in one of them. After walking out with the film we ran into Juan, a friend of Khadijah's I was acquainted with. After chatting for a while we walked to the bank so I could deposit some checks. Khadijah wanted to eat at a place called Deja Vu. Ironically enough, I seemed to recall eating there before, and we had. She remembered them having good steak, but it was just a bar with some tables. I wanted to eat elsewhere, as I recalled the slow service and mediocre food. We walked down to Jackson Square, passing several restaurants along the way. We settled on River's Edge, a nice little open-air place right across the street from Cafe Du Monde. I ordered the Crawfish Sampler and Khadijah got some other sampler plate. The service was the best I'd ever experienced; of course I haven’t been to many decent eateries. The waitress was very attentive without being a nuisance. After dinner we walked around for a good while, taking pictures along the way. We went to the French Market, which I rightfully thought was closed, and back up the riverfront towards Canal. After reaching Canal St. we stopped at the 11th floor lobby at the Wyndham to see the view and sit for a spell. After that we went back down towards the bus stop, pausing at McDonalds for a McFlurry along the way. After getting home I watched a pretty good episode of Enterprise and talked to Khadijah on the phone sporadically for a bit.

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