Singin' in the Rain

This afternoon my dad and I went to The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. This was my third time attending. The weather today was pretty horrendous. It rained pretty profusely for the better part of the day. When we arrived at the fairgrounds we went to the blues tent to see Big Al Carson, who we'd seen the week before at the French Quarter Festival. We got pretty wet making our way over there and remained for a while to dry off, at least partially. Being rainy as it was, we were compelled to stay put, and we pretty much did. With few exceptions, we were in the Blues tent the whole time. It was no loss though. There were several great acts: Joe Krown, Wanda Rouzan, Chris Thomas King, and the legendary Etta James. Her set in particular was quite a spectacle, especially her performance of “At Last.” After her set was done, it started raining rather heavily so the tent remained occupied for some time. Eventually we left and made our way to the car, getting soaked again in the process. I had my camera with me today and it got pretty wet. The body seems fine although the lens seems to have gotten some stuff in it. Anyway after making it to the car we went home. I got something to eat, watched a little, TV, and checked some stuff on eBay. I talked to Khadijah and Ami on the phone for a good while late in the evening.

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