The Movies, Dinner, and Bowling…In That Order

I spent the evening with some friends of mine, something we intended to do on Saturday but it didn't work out. I, Jessica, and Shani went to the movies for about 2:30. It's rather depressing as there really isn't anything worth seeing at present. We ended up seeing “50 First Dates.” I suppose worse things could have happened. The movie had it's moments but I didn't really like it. After the movie, we picked up Bianca and went to Semolina's for dinner. I had the pasta alfredo with shrimp which wasn't bad at all. The waitress was quite nice and I tipped accordingly. After dinner we drove over to the Mid City Lanes. It seemed like they were closed, as there was no answer to their phone and there were no listings of a music act but we found it hard to believe they were actually closed, but we found that they were when we got there so we decided to head back to the west bank and go to Rainbow Lanes. The ride was nice so the trip back and forth was no big deal. We played for two hours and got two games in. None of us have any discernable skill, but neither did most anyone else there so that was fine. Bianca seemed the most adept. I learned a little bit about correct form. Jessica looked like she was intentionally putting the ball in the gutter. Shani clearly didn't give a dame and just flung the ball down the lane, but scored comparatively than the rest of us. For what it's worth, Bianca won both rounds by a slim margin. We shot a few games of pool after that. Again, no discernable skill from any of us. When I got home I found my order from Coolerguys had arrived, a day late. I bought four blue LED case fans and some silver round drive cables. I installed those items, and while I was at it, I removed the Geforce4 PCI card that powers my second monitor. The fan noise of the GPU cooler is unbearable. For the time being, my second monitor will be connected to the DVI socket on my ATI AGP card. Form what I can tell so far, there is no detriment to performance. Hopefully I'll be able to find a replacement for that fan.

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