The Beginning of the End

I had a chance to speak with my boss today regarding my pay and hours. At present, I’m not really making any money and I have very few hours. I requested more but he was not willing to work with me. He only said he had a payroll budget to keep up. I am quite disappointed with him in several respects. I thought it was rather rude and inconsiderate that he had nothing to say to me. He didn't use a single breath to reassure me or convince me to stay. It's plain irresponsible to allow a good worker to leave like that. Good help is hard to find, but apparently it isn't worth keeping. His “Wizard of Oz” management of the store has been a detriment as well. The assistant manager, Renee, who runs the store, runs the clock and racks up obscene amount of overtime, which is no doubt the reason the payroll is over budget in our small store with five employees. On top of that, most of the workers take no initiative and little work gets done. The store will only suffer more with lazy and selfish employees governing themselves. Anyway since my boss wouldn't do anything for me I have my notice and next Friday will be my last day at Tulane Medical Bookstore. It has been a great first job (unless you count that internship). Working at the uptown store provided good surroundings. Working 11-6 doing little more than folding t-shirts and watching girls…and getting paid was as good a way to pass the time as any. Moving downtown killed the scenery but there was a lot of variety to my work along with a little more responsibility. It also brought a little novelty back to seeing an attractive woman. Unfortunately corporate ass-clowns don't know shit about how to retain good workers so I’ll be on my merry way. Later in the day I took apart my computer and found that the motherboard power connector had had a short or something, as several of the plastic pins were charred, and there was burnt plastic in the motherboard power connector. I've already ordered a replacement for the power supply but I don't know how usable the motherboard is. I spent the evening watching TV and chipping burnt plastic out of my motherboard connector. I talked to a friend on the phone for about an hour before I went to bed.

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