New Orleans Hornets vs. New Jersey Nets

It was rather foggy and wet this morning but things dried and warmed up in the afternoon. The store is back to doing returns. The plan is to go through the store and return all books that have been on the shelf for over a year. Even with the store as small as it is, it will probably take several weeks to complete. I shipped out 17 boxes today. Most of them were in their original containers so it wasn't too much trouble. I had little else to do aside from that so I went home after. My brother got some free tickets to tonight's Hornets game so we went to see them play the New Jersey Nets. I was a bit surprised we actually went because our family seldom does things on such short notice. This was my first NBA game in several years. I think the last one was a Denver Nuggets game back in Colorado. Overall, the Hornets had a pretty poor showing. They held a slight lean in the first half but had their asses handed to them in the second…pretty sad against an unremarkable team at home. The final was 91-70.

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