Happy Birthday Dad

The workday seemed rather short today, which I suppose is no surprise since I only worked about three hours. I spent most of the day in the office helping Ann with a sales summary spreadsheet that she lost and needed redone. We both went to lunch and returned later. I didn't really do much work between then and leaving. This evening my parents, brother, aunt and her child, three of my dad's nurses, a friend of them and my dad, one of the nurse's boyfriend, and myself had dinner at Superior Grill on St. Charles Avenue. My dad's birthday is tomorrow and they figured they could acknowledge that and the nurse’s birthdays in one outing. The nurses and friends were late, presumable because of the congestion generated by the “Pygmalion” parade, which we got to see as it passed right in front of the restaurant. It seemed like a short parade, although it was at least 30 minutes. They had some great bands. Alex Fortier was particularly impressive, although they were all quite good. Those guests being as late as they were, we ordered after the parade passed. I had a combo plate with ribs and grilled shrimp. It was pretty good, although some of the shrimp were a little too grilled. Our guests arrived shortly after we ordered so they weren't waiting long while we were eating. They brought a cake for my dad and got some of the wait staff to sing along with our large group.

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