Caesar Parade

This morning me and my dad went to Don's house to bring over his computer and set it up. He lives in Kenner so it was a bit of a trip. We stayed over there longer than I expected. After getting home, I napped until about three. We considered going to the New Orleans Voodoo's first home game but decided against it. It's a shame too because it was a great game, they won on the last play. Later in the afternoon we went back to Kenner because my dad left his jacket there and they had a little problem with the computer. It wasn't that big of a deal as we were headed to Metarie anyway to join my dad's folks to see the Krewe of Caesar parade. The ground was soaked and it was quite cold but it wasn't so bad. We were standing on Veteran's Drive in front of a Bank One. It was the longest parade I had ever been too, although that isn't saying much since I've only been to a handful. There were 30 floats with a band in-between most of them. I was standing in front of some kids on ladders so all sorts of beads and stuffed animals were flying over my head all night. The parade ended about an hour after it started. Me, my dad, brother, some of my dad's family and some of their friends then went to dinner at a Mexican buffet. As is usually the case with me and buffets, I lost my appetite immediately after arriving. We went home after dinner, and left Andrew to stay the night with my aunt.

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