October 2003

First Day at Medical

Today was my first day since transferring to the Tulane Medical Bookstore, although I did spend some time there last Friday. I have yet to be trained on their registers so I was confined to unremarkable tasks like removing labels from books and stocking pens. I did a bit of walking at lunch and ended up at McDonalds. The bus ride home was a chilli one, today was surprisingly brisk.

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Tulane Loses…again/Quarter Outing

Tulane lost to Memphis rather badly this afternoon, we left the game early for the first time I can remember. A friend was in town from LA tech so myself and a few others spendthe evening wandering the french quarter. It was a 'colorful' evening to say the least. I'll refrain from providing and description, as it would be an inadequate depiction anyway.

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Today was a rather pleasent day at work. Traffic through the store was mild so we were free to reorganize some things. I recieved two phone calls regarding coffee mugs that were broken through the mail. I was called into the office this afternoon as my boss wants me to transfer to the medical bookstore downtown. I told him that it would probably be ok, although I am reluctant for a number of reasons.

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Sleeping In For A Change

This was my first weekday off in a rather long time. I slept in later than I care to admit. When I did get up, I did some work around the house including cleaning the kitchen and laundry. After cleaning myself, I made a nice omlette and watched 'Rob Roy,' a decent revenge movie staring Liam Neeson. Later in the evening I watched some hockey and baseball on TV and coded some pages for v7.

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Always Always Always on Sunday

update to come

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St. Edward's Fair

I slept a bit late and my grandma's house this morning. We went to Best Buy in the afternoon to look for some AV equipment for my Aunt. I picked up The Matrix Reloaded DVD while I was there. It's a rather impressive package. Later in the evening we went to a fair that the catholic schools put on around here. I went along with a younger cousin of mine and rode a bunch of the rides with him, and then wasted some money on the stupid games and such they have at these things, not winning a single thing. After getting home, I watched a bit of the movie I bought and talked on the computer for a good while.

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East Jefferson vs. West Jefferson

After sitting in the library for a good while, I went to work. There was some steady traffic in the store, but nothing remarkable. We stocked a lot of new items, so it was a bit cluttered upstairs. After work, me and my dad went to visit his mom and see a football game. West Jeff. is ranked #1 in the city so it was pretty dumb for East. Jeff. to play them for their homecoming. That being the case, WJ was pretty merciful and the loss wasn't too terribly bad. Due to a casual suggestion, I ended up staying the night at my grandma's to help them out with a few things, including hooking up and AV receiver.

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Loitering at Work

It was a nice and quiet day at work. The store was dead and the boss had the day off so we were free to stand around and do nothing. There really wasn't anything to do anyway, aside from re-re-folding clothes. It's nice to have the time for witty banter among co-workers. :p

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Monday, Monday

Today was pretty typical. I got up and went to work with my dad for a couple hours. I listened to some music and read the newspaper. Upon arriving at work I found that the store was still in pretty bad shape after the barrage of customers over the weekend. I spent almost the entire day refolding sweatshirts and hoodies. By day's end, the clothing department was in respectable condition.

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Sleeping and Cleaning

After church, I napped for a couple hours before finally getting up and doing some things. I did a good deal of cleaning. I cleaned my room and immediately trashed it by emptying the contents of my closet. I got rid of allot of stuff. I hauled several bag of trash out of my room. While cleaning the closet, I also poked around in the attic and ended up straightening that out a bit. I was pretty merciless in tossing things. Consequently, there are about a dozen trash bags on the side of the house.

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Tulane Homecoming 2003

Tulane played their homecoming game verses Houston today. We got there rather early for a good parking spot and some tailgating. As per the norm: we barbequed, it rained. A fine mist fell for most of the day. Having decent food for once was a nice change. The game started at 1:30 before a sold-out crowd. Tulane's performance was unremarkable until the second half, during which they scored 35 points. Sadly, this wasn't enough and they lost 45-42. MTV was heavily involved in the game. Their cameras were everywhere, gathering footage for an upcoming TV special. Outkast performed during half-time. I think Andre 3000 is most responsible for the high attendance. MTV's presence was rather apparent. They did two takes of the half-time show for their cameras. A card stunt was attempted, with lackluster results. I suppose they could use computers to fill in gaps.

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Dinner and a Movie

After what was probably my busiest day at the bookstore, I went to dinner and a movie with a few friends of mine. We went to Chili's on my wallet, which was rather nice…aside from getting food on my shirt. The waiter was a real smart-ass, rivaling me. In spite of several rude remarks, I felt he deserved a nice tip. Following dinner, we went to see “Kill Bill,” against my opinion and better judgment. While a lot of people see this as a good movie, I thought the whole plot was a lame excuse to use large quantities of colored water. Pleasant company made the whole experience worthwhile, but I still want my $7.00 back.

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Yom Kippur Slows Store Traffic

Today was rather slow at work. Yom Kippur is a University holiday and without students in class, sudents weren't in the store either. I was supposed to go in at nine but I assumed the 12-6 hours were continuing. It was no problem as there was a new employee working upstairs. With slow traffic, I was free to take pictures of the store, viewable in the site gallery.

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Today is Friday, A Good Thing

I went into work early today to accommodate a special visitor to the store…who ended up staying barely three minutes. There was a brief failure after lunch that provided the day's meager excitement. Operation was only interrupted for a couple of minutes. Work ended early for a staff meeting to cover the planned renovation of the building containing the store.

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