September 2003

Not A Terribly Special Week

I regret going another week without posting, but not too much has been happening. I've been working at the bookstore fron 12-6. I went to my dad's office a few days this week. I've been dragging along with the new website, i've been combing through the code the last few nights while speaking on the phone with a friend in Arizona.

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Work Week Ends

I've neglected to post over the last week as there's been little to speak of. I've been working steady hours at the bookstore. I bumped into some old classmates over the week. I spend a bit of time compiling the best of my MP3 collection into a nice 10 disc set. I've been spending this evening working on v7 of this website.

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Work, Lunch, Football

I havn't posted in the last few days as they've been pretty dull. After a short day of work, I went to lunch with a friend, a nice little Italian place. I had my camera looked at and it seems light is getting inside damaging the film and my prints. I went to a high school football game in the evening. I wasn't really familiar with the teams, the “scenery” was of more concern.

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Tulane vs. NSU

Tulane played Northwestern State at City Park today. The turnout was impressive again with over 25,000. Tailgating is still new to Tulane fans but they do it in great fashion. The game was a bit dissapointing. Although they did win 27-24 in overtime, their overall performance was rather poor. NSU is not a very good team, yet Tulane struggled thoughout.

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Typical Tuesday

Nothing of considerable circumstance happened today. I worked a full shift at the bookstore. Traffic was unusually steady but not terribly heavy. The most interesting part of the day was a phone order for makeup from a woman in Florida. Apparently a college bookstore 500 miles away is the only place she can get the shade she wants.

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Tulane Season Opener – Labor Day

Tulane's opening game was today, against ranked confrence champs, TCU. TCU dominated the better part of the game. At one point, Tulane was down 31-7. In the 4th quarter, Tulane scored 28 points in a comeback that fell just shy of a win, with a final score of 38-35. Inspite of the loss, one can remain optimistic. Tulane did put up a good fight and TCU may have been the hardest game this season.

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